My Work


Public Portfolio

You can find my public portfolio hosted on Contently here.

However, please understand that it is only a small sampling of the breadth of my work, comprising mostly by-lined articles. This means it is heavily biased toward content geared toward a retail audience, which in my case is mostly crypto-related and basic personal finance articles.

Private Projects

The bulk of my work—written for more sophisticated audiences—is private and mostly covered by non-disclosure agreements. Here are just a few of the private projects I have done:

  • 10+ page thematic whitepapers detailing the economic potential of specific Asian markets for an asset manager with almost US$150 billion in assets under management

  • A detailed whitepaper exploring the development and investment thesis for Asian bond markets for one of the world’s largest asset managers with over US$2 trillion in assets under management

  • Analysis pieces breaking down what investors should be looking for when investing in various sectors for one of the world’s most recognizable investment organizations

  • Long form guides for accredited investors looking to invest in high-ticket private equity deals for a private investment platform

  • Multiple detailed whitepapers on how robo-advisory has disrupted the wealth management industry for a B2B robo-advisory solutions provider

  • Blog content on the benefits of actively-managed income investing for another global asset manager with over US$2 trillion in assets under management

  • Thought leadership piece for a C-Suite executive leading the Asian division of a Fortune 500 insurance company

  • Informative articles on personal finance and investing for a Fortune 500 global bank

  • A series of articles on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and financial services for a fintech company offering AI solutions to banks and insurers

  • Conversion-focused landing pages to promote micro-small cap stocks on the Canadian TSX-Venture board

  • Blockchain and crypto-related articles for a cryptocurrency exchange based in the USA

I also invite you to look at my testimonials; I am still working with most of these clients.