I’ve had the privilege of working with many great clients over the years, and they have been obliging enough to share some appreciative words about my work. I am still actively working with most of the clients you will hear from below.

"Ian consistently delivers high-quality work that is always on time and in-line with the project brief. His flexibility means we can approach him with any number of tasks safe in the knowledge that he will adapt to the job in hand.

This includes fund reporting, digital copywriting, white papers and thought leadership pieces. Ian is also an excellent communicator with fast response times, which is essential in today’s business climate."

Paul Lees

Director of Asia and Investment Writer at Copylab Group – the world's leading investment writing agency

"Ian has been an invaluable resource to our digital marketing agency these past few months. His ability to translate complex concepts like cryptocurrency into insightful, easy-to-understand articles is a testament to his acumen as a long-form content writer.

It's hard to find a great writer with fintech knowledgenot to mention one that's reliable, consistent, and as responsive as Ian is."

Jenn DeRango

Content Manager at CSTMR Inc – a top-rated digital marketing agency for fintech and financial services companies

"Ian's one of the best financial copywriters I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He understands how to craft clear and persuasive narratives that are all supported by solid research. He continues to produce high-quality material with impeccable accuracy with just the right tone.

I do not recall when he's missed a deadline, even when we've needed something in a short time frame. Ian's a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him."

Charlo Barbosa

Founder and President at Native Ads Inc – one of the world’s leading native ad exchanges

"Ian has been creating some great content for one of our biggest financial clients. I admire his proactive approach – understanding the brief and suggesting targeted and valuable ideas that are exactly what the client is looking for.

His writing skills are impressive as well – he has a succinct and punchy style and his writing makes the toughest of financial concepts easy to understand. Best of all – he never misses a deadline. When I brief out an article to him, I know that it will be a stress-free project. I know that I can expect back great quality work."

Kritika Srinivasan

Former Head of Editorial at Immedia Content – a leading content marketing agency in Singapore

"Ian is a great writer! Someone who is able to slice and dice complicated subjects in the crypto industry, and condense it in an easy to understand manner. He is also self-driven to conduct any research required for accurate content while meeting delivery times.

Definitely the person to look out for if you are looking for a quality, well-written write up."

TM Lee

Cofounder of CoinGecko – one of the world's leading cryptocurrency websites

"Ian is an excellent content writer who is able to explain complex blockchain concepts and cryptocurrency projects into simple, understandable articles. His knowledge in the blockchain space is superb and he has a great writing style. Working with Ian is a joy as the work he delivers is always on time and of great quality with a lot of attention to detail"

Bobby Ong

Cofounder of CoinGecko – one of the world's leading cryptocurrency websites

"Ian is one of the finest financial writers I've worked with. We've collaborated on a number of projects and Ian has always turned in flawless copy. He has the ability to make financial terminology easy to understand for the layperson and is able to effortlessly handle different formats such as, thought leadership commentary, longer features, blog posts, or social media copy.

I've never known Ian to refuse, or even get frustrated at being asked to revise or rework a piece. Or miss a deadline. He is a thorough professional and a pleasure to work with. He enjoys his work and it shows in his work ethic and the final result."

Radhika Dhawan Puri

Senior Content Editor at Immedia Content – a leading content marketing agency in Singapore

"Ian has been a rare find! He is a trusted and reliable freelance writer with an impressive vocabulary and an even more impressive financial acumen. I engage Ian to support me with finance related copywriting projects and he has always delivered on-time and above expectations."

Nicole Iman

Owner of Etymon – a Singaporean copywriting agency specializing in tech startups, fintech and B2B companies

"It has been a pleasure working with Ian. As a writer, he grasps the briefs quickly and delivers great content. His finance background is invaluable. He understands difficult concepts and explains them in ways a layperson can understand, and he backs everything up with the most recent and relevant data.

I expect to keep working with him indefinitely and would highly recommend him."

David Austin

Editorial Content Director at Click2View – an award-winning B2B content marketing agency in Singapore